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About Us:

The school started in 1980 by the community which came together and accumulated some funds. They were driven by the challenge which was the long distance. Learners were walking to the neighbouring schools which was Kwa- Maquza for juniors and Celokuhle for seniors. The Department of Education registered the school in 1984. However in 1994 faction fights began and many families migrated to safe places. In 2009 Ms Mbanjwa joined the staff and the learner enrolment was 54 learners. It was a Junior primary starting from Grade R- 4. IN 2013 new grades were introduced due to the demand by parents. Parents were concerned about the distance walked by their children to neighbouring schools. We currently have 232 learners with a PPN of 6 educators. We serve a poor community, many on which determine solely on social grants. Our schools only income is the funds that the department gives to our school as our school is a no fee school.

Mission statement: Macebo primary school wants to promote culture of learning and teaching in order to produce life long learners enriched with skills and self reliant, learners with positive self esteem and learners who are positively engaged in promoting and sustaining the environment.

Vision statement: Macebo primary school will be fully committed to the following:

  1. To maintain a culture of teaching and learning
  2. To create a happy, safe and dynamic learning environment
  3. To inculcate an acceptable value system to equip learners with appropriate iife skills
  4. To utalise all resources for the full development of the child
  5. To provide quality education for the learners by developing them mentally, spiritually, physically and socially in order for them to reach their potential in society and take the constructive part in thier community.

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